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Who we are

Pure Food Technology are an Agri Tech Company that have developed a unique, patented, advanced hydroponic vertical farming system that utilises AI, Robotics and Solar Energy.

Sebastian Carlton

Sebastian Carlton (Founder)

Chief Executive Officer
BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Sebastian has over 30 years experience in delivering projects globally, ranging from real estate development and management to acquiring and restructuring a diverse portfolio of businesses with a combined value in excess of USD 1 Billion.

Sebastian has extensive experience in the management delivery and financing of large-scale projects worldwide including the structuring of private equity, mezzanine and shariah finance and complementary corporate legal and taxation structures. Sebastian believes that we are experiencing a new industrial revolution in technology and is committed to developing companies that are not only disruptive but advance and foster complete sustainability for the planet and society in line with the UN Global Compact.

Cenk Yabas (Founder)

Chief Technology Officer

Cenk Yabas is an industrial engineer and inventor with two decades experience of managing and delivering projects in the UAE.

Mr. Yabas has over the last 20 years worked in and become proficient in construction, civile engineering, mechanical engineering, HVAC systems and robotics and has dedicated 10 years to research and field study of hydroponic vertical farm systems.

It is due to Mr Yabas’s diverse and deep knowledge of various complimentary disciplines that the Pure Food Technology system has been designed, developed, patented and tested successfully

Charles Leigh

Charles Leigh

Chief Financial Officer

Charles has extensive experience as a Chartered Accountant working for KPMG.


Charles also has experience working in
private equity both for Blackstone and 
JP Morgan. He is fluent in Persian and Arabic.

Jan-Carl Stjernswärd

General Counsel Solicitor

Jan is a versatile lawyer, entrepreneur and business consultant. He has practised in London, Paris and Dubai with a particular focus on emerging markets. He qualified as a solicitor of England and Wales in 2012 and holds a BSc in Government and Economics from the London School of Economics.


He is fluent in English, Swedish and French with a limited knowledge of Persian and Russian. Strong track record in complex dispute resolution, risk mitigation and the implementation and execution of growth strategies.

Jan Carl
Khinda PS.jpeg

Khinda PS

Business Development Director
BSC (Hons) Industrial Engineering

Khinda graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University Of Mysore with Engineering Degree in Industrial and Production Engineering.


He has worked and has a two decade career in developing businesses in the sectors of Agriculture, Mining and Real estate in India, Middle East and Africa.

Technology group

Pure Food Technology (UAE)

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